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A Really Fun, Science-Backed Reading Game with Jeff Koons!

Popped! is a fast-paced, high-stakes game of risk and reward that rapidly accelerates children's reading through the power of play and cutting-edge brain science.

A collaboration with world-renowned artist Jeff Koons, Popped! makes it possible to have a blast while learning essential literacy skills. 

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Play to Learn. Learn to Read. 

Popped! teaches children essential reading skills - while making it so much fun they won’t even realize they learning. 

There are many reading games on the market that are based on out-dated learning approaches now shown by scientists to be ineffective.  Working with literacy experts, we use the most advanced teaching practices, helping kids learn to read one clever game at a time!

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"Flashcards stink, Popped! rocks. I love playing it with my friends!"

- Ryla, 7 years old

"I love this game! It's so colorful and fun!"

- Auggie, 5 years old

"I don't need to be a reading expert. Popped! does it for me."

-Kevonne, Mom of Alex, 9 years old

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How To Play!

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Our Game Collaboration with World-Renowned Artist Jeff Koons

Popped! is an exciting and unique collaboration between educational game company Clever Noodle and world-renowned artist Jeff Koons. Jeff is a champion of children’s rights and thrilled to use his iconic Balloon Dog to help children with their reading. 

“Reading opens the door to the world. I’m excited to connect my art with proven reading science. I hope Popped! inspires children to learn in a fun and engaging way.” 

- Jeff Koons, Creator of Balloon Dog

Clever Noodle x Jeff Koons

A game collaboration between Clever Noodle and Jeff Koons that will inspire many children to learn in a super fun and smart, engaging way. Be the first to experience Popped! Add $1 to be a VIP, and get an exclusive poster for free!

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250 word cards, 3 levels of difficulty, bonus and penalty cards, instructions and Science of Reading explanation, special Balloon Dog bookmark, and endless fun and learning!

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